Welcome to a blog of photography & wholesome plant based recipes.

Hi!  I'm Silvia the creator of Salvia+Limone.  I'm currently based in London where I live with my husband and our two little children R & R. We laugh, we bake, and we never stop being curious!
You can find more about my journey into styling and food photography  in this interview.

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What. And Why.
We love good food that does good to us and to the Planet, and that sense of connection that meals brings when we sit at the table together or with friends. We brought this passion with us form Italy, and of course it is the foundation of my blog too.

I started developing my own recipes after realizing how much a plant based diet was beneficial to my body and my mind.  I also realized how much I missed to fill the celebrations, and my special occasion, with beautiful desserts and elegant cosy recipes, that could feed my eyes whilst being free form animal products, processed foods and white sugar.

All recipes are vegan and wholesome.  I only use low GI and unrefined sugars in my desserts.
Some recipes are gluten and/or nut free (also from coconut), the majority are soya free too. I really try to accommodate all intolerances, even the most uncommon.
Although I don' like to box myself under a specific diet tag, I consider Macrobiotic the foundation of my cooking. But I constantly evolve including all I find to be beneficial for our health, and for Mother Earth.

Our diet is plant based, organic & 0 kilometres when possible. We advocate of "the less is more" lifestyle,  striving to consume less and waste none.

Where Salvia+Limone name comes from ( a bit of story and chat)
Salvia+Limone (Sage+Lemon) name comes from the favour of a stylish candy from my childhood. It taught me unimaginable flavours associations and an iconic branding. Both ingredients are widely used in Liguria and well represent its culinary dichotomy of rich exotic delicacies and rock-growing herbs ( yes, citrus were once considered exotic).

Liguria has a generous confectionery heritage, starting from the Middle Ages. The sea trades with Morocco and India introduced a wide range of recipes and rare ingredients. Especially the so called Arabic Salt extracted form the tropical sugar cane, imported for the first time by Cristoforo Colombo. But also cacao, vanilla and other rare spices, were making Ligurian patisserie and confetti tradition one of the finest in Europe, supplying Versailles and the court of Spain.

However the commonalty had no access to sugar, and butter wasn't so diffused either. The festivities were celebrated with sweet breads filled with raisins and little honey. Chestnuts flour also was used to make simple desserts. And olive oil was used instead of butter in many recipes.
Citrus were imported, and blessed by that unusual tropical climate that Liguria can vaunt, grew effortlessly. Even Claude Monet celebrated the beauty of the landscapes with their the abundance of citrus and colours. Especially Chinotto and Bergamotto, more rare and flavourful citrus.
Chinotto (now famous for a SLOW FOOD beverage) rid was glazed, and with sultans used to fill breads and focaccia during celebrations. Rose water was distilled to fill glass looking confetti. Glazed orange rid and fresh alkekengi were imbibed in chocolate for a delightful after-dinner.
On the other hand, the religion and the harsh land often imposed periods of “magro” or “strettissimo magro”, meaning “meagre” and "strict meagre" and referring to a strict vegetarian and vegan diet. But having little, made people creativity grow wild. Recipes like Pesto alla Genovese, Pan di Spagna ( Genoise Sponge) and many others were born in Liguria and are now famous worldwide.

The sea breeze, the vegan friendly recipes and the former people creativity, is often my inspiration behind Salvia+Limone.

I hope you will enjoy to make my recipes as much as I enjoy to create and share them.

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