Photo from my 1-2-1 lessons

Photo from my 1-2-1 lessons

 Photo by Aimee @twiggstudios

Photo by Aimee @twiggstudios

Styling and photography workshop with garden brunch

Hi there gorgeous creative human !
Thank you for your interest in working together with Aimee of Twiggstudios and me.

This workshop is One Day Intensive on the 1st of July, 9 am to 5 pm in north London . Is an event with a special twist: a Styled Garden Brunch. To photograph and eat!

It's a great learning opportunity that combines two normal day teaching in a long single day. It's also  a chance  to build your portfolio as we will be taking several photos  of different foods and settings.

The day is longer than usual (8:50am-5 pm) as we aim to provide the foundations to style, photograph and edit for blogging and social media. There will be plenty of opportunities for shots under our guidance.
Along with the pleasant experience of gathering together and connect with other like minded creatives in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

In this group workshop, we will style a layered cake, a crostata with lattice, a cake roll, a focaccia, a sweet snack and a salad. . We will have front shots, flat lays and motion shots. We include the human element both still and with the movement for the action shot.  Also, we have the styled garden brunch with the food and  a selection of drinks styled accordingly (weather permitting, in the unlikely case of rain we will style an indoor gathering).

There are no specific camera requirements, and the workshop is open to all levels. Aims quite high in terms of contents so you need to be prepared to absorb a lot of notions.

Brake down of what the workshop includes

  • How to use your camera in manual

  • Capture movement and the human element

  • Understanding and use of the light.

  • Techniques to style flat lays and a front shots that you can apply to your own style

  • How to deal with tricky food, brown food, difficult textures, drink..

  • Hands on styling session

  • Build a visual storytelling, use of Pinterest as inspiration.

  • Learn to organize a complete shooting and make the most of your styled settings, saving time.

  • Editing guidance for Camera Raw and Lightroom.

  • Vegan food and refreshments.


The workshop will happen in my studio in north London. We will shoot in a spacious studio with a wide bay window.

We will explore the difficulties of shooting with natural light, disclosing where is best to shoot in a house and how to manage the light at its best.
If the weather will be with us we will style and shoot a picnic outside in the garden. If we are very unlucky we will style a shoot an indoor gathering (our lunch).

Not all of us can build a studio in a cottage or fancy building with perfect light and cool furnitures. The reality is that most of us will shoot in the kitchen, or maybe in the guest room under that single window that provides the right light. Is essential to see how much can be done in your own home regardless you if  live in the most amazing countryside cottage or in a top floor in the centre of London. Or in a garden flat like me.

You will find  the best ceramists props, natural  fabrics, and a large selection of backdrops. Of course different plant based food and a vegan cake ready for shooting.
Also you will find the amazing flowers from Hampstead Village. And  vegan lunch and  snacks to keep you energetic and happy!
You really only need to bring the camera, the computer and your joy to create!

Note: Only a restricted amount of people is admitted to ensure 1-2-1 attention.

The workshop price is 329£ and includes food and  refreshments.

To know more or apply, please contact me through the form at the end of the page

 Our styling and natural dyeing Workshop in Clapham Studios

Our styling and natural dyeing Workshop in Clapham Studios

WHO ( Silvia)

I am really passionate about helping women to find their creative call, I am always astonished by the  people I meet in my workshops, the capacity of reinventing our lives in a search for an organic growth.

I come from far to this point. I really took the hardest way to my dream, and I wish I would have found a mentor and a teacher to help me take those few hard steps. So knowing on my skin how hard can be to change career or develop a skill,  comes easy for me is to help others in this field.
I am Italian and I am naturally wired to be an host and to communicate my passions with open heart. It's my call, simply is in my blood! My aim and my pride is to see my students really take a step forward in their styling and creative careers, for a happier and inspired life.

Fun is the new serious!
I am the first one to really enjoy to style together with my students. I do believe creativity is nurtured by collaborations and a happy hearts. So my teaching is usually light-hearted, fun but deeply committed to deliver useful contents. I don't move a single fork without saying you why. I don't believe in secrets and growth potions.  BUT I do believe in commitment and passion and I truly believe everybosy can style.

This is the right place for you if you eager to move forward as a creative and learn food styling and photography in a friendly nurturing space. 

what my students say

Ana (healthy food business owner) Panama - "I loved it. You are so friendly and down to earth. Your teaching is very clear. I would love to attend an other one in the future!  I also loved your food and your cake is the best I have ever tasted!"

Sandra (professional recipes developer) Singapore - "I signed up to do several sessions of 1-2-1 with Silvia - having never met nor spoken to her before! Initially, it felt like a risk but Silvia immediately put me at ease with her emails and we came up with a teaching schedule of things I needed work with. It was an eye opener to see her work in person. She was supportive at all times, and I felt I have taken away a lot from our sessions. These 1-2-1 have given me more confidence to start taking my first steps in food photography and styling. Thank you Silvia!”

Lime (interior designer)  Norway - "I think you are really good teacher. You explain so well the art of styling. Very good teacher skills :)"

Vivian (blogger) Spain - "Just want to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity. I came back home so inspired!"

Hazel (part time blogger) Unite Kindom - "So glad I have connected and learned from you, always grateful!"

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partnership workshop with aimee twiggstudios
 Photo by  Aimee @twiggstudios

Photo by  Aimee @twiggstudios