“It is your duty in life to save your dream.”
— Amedeo Modigliani

Hi there gorgeous creative!

This is My 1-2-1 food photography page where you can read all about my private workshops and contact me.

You are in the right place if you eager to move forward as a food photographer and learn the fundamentals and more advanced techniques in a friendly nurturing space.

Here some useful informations for you.

I hold my private styling workshop in my home studio in North West London.

I only teach a small number of 1-2-1 and the places are sold on first come first serve basis.

Spring- Summer dates are available now.

The dates are flexible.
Upon your enquiry we will decide together which day you can come based on  my and your availability.

My teaching is light-hearted, but full of useful clear informations.  I don't move a single fork without saying you why.

Read further down to learn about the space, the workshops contents and my vision.

To send me workshop request or ask more informations click here and fill up the form (be sure your email is correct!! I cannot reply to incorrect email adresses)

What my students say

Lime (interior designer)  Norway - "I think you are really good teacher, You explain so well the art of styling. Very good teacher skills :)"

Vivian (blogger) Spain - "Just want to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity. I came back home so inspired!"

Ana (health and food industry, business owner) Panama - "I loved it. You are so friendly and down to earth. Your teaching is very clear. I would love to attend an other one in the future!  I also loved your food and your cake is the best I have ever tasted!"

Sandra (professional recipes developer) Singapore - "I signed up to do several sessions of 1-2-1 with Silvia - having never met nor spoken to her before! Initially, it felt like a risk but Silvia immediately put me at ease with her emails and we came up with a teaching schedule of things I needed work with. It was an eye opener to see her work in person. She was supportive at all times, and I felt I have taken away a lot from our sessions. These 1-2-1 have given me more confidence to start taking my first steps in food photography and styling. Thank you Silvia!”

The space

We will shoot in a spacious studio with a wide bay window.
You will find  the best ceramists props and natural  fabric available for you and a large selection of backdrops. Of course different vegan food and a cake ready for shooting.
Also you will find the amazing flowers from Hampstead Village. And an abundant vegan lunch and healthy snacks to keep you energetic and happy!
You really only need to bring the camera, the computer and your joy to create!

Styled with the talented Sandra from Singapore in our 1-2-1.

Styled with the talented Sandra from Singapore in our 1-2-1.

The 1-2-1 styling and food photography workshop contents:
Note: the workshop is tailored on your needs and is hands on. Depending on your priorities and your skills we will cover these followings, meaning I won't keep you stuck on a topic that is already known for you.

The private teaching can be done over 1 to 3 days, it can include 1 extra hour of creative and social media mentoring if requested.


  • A Skype follow up session of an hour circa analysing 3-4 of your photos or a recipe story telling you did. Can be homework or a blog post you will be preparing anyway, your choice.

  • 10% discount code for natural fabrics for styling

  • 10% discount code for local artist for props

  • A spreadsheet with camera setting infos and visual examples

What the tailored private workshop can include ( based on your personal interest and ablities):

  • A range of food made from scratch ready to be styled and photographed, you may have your say on preferred recipes.

  • Manual camera settings review.

  • Prop & food styling techniques extensively explained to develop with your own style.

  • Understanding and use of the natural light, how to screen or enhance light and so and so.

  • How to choose props and backdrops appropriately.

  • How to style a flat lay, a tricky food or a drink, a front shot with human element or motion.

  • Hands on styling, I will accompany you into styling your own flat lay, so you will be able to assimilate the notions just acquired.

  • How to build storytelling, use of Pinterest for your work, how to make the most of your styling when you organize a shooting to save time energy

  • How to be visually consistent.

  • Editing guidance for Camera Raw and Lightroom or Snapseed.

  • Extra hour of creativity & social media mentoring if requested.

    You need to be acquainted with the basic features of your camera

For booking and prices please fill up the form at the bottom of this page.

Find out what my student say under this

Pretty tarts made with Nusara from Amsterdam

Pretty tarts made with Nusara from Amsterdam

About me!

I am really passionate about helping women to find their creative call.
I come from far to this point. I really took the hardest way to my dream, and I wish I would have found a mentor and a teacher to help me take those few hard steps.  So knowing on my skin how hard can be to change career,  I realised how easy for me is to help others in this field.
I am Italian and I am naturally wired to be an host and to communicate my passions with open heart, is my call, is in my blood! My aim and my pride is to see my students really take a step forward in their styling and creative careers, for a happier and inspired life.

I am always astonished by the women I meet in my workshops, the capacity of reinventing our lives and the creative skills I encounter are amazing. So I am really committed to help you grow that incredible gift that only you have.

Fun is the new serious!

I am the first one to really enjoy to style together with my students. I do believe creativity is nurtured by collaborations and a happy hearts. So my teaching is usually light-hearted, fun but deeply committed to deliver useful contents. Styling is a source of joy for me and I want to share it with you.

Styled for the 1-2-1 with Sandra Lim

Styled for the 1-2-1 with Sandra Lim

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