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You can make a photography that’s true to you and persuasive to the social medias —and these courses
will help you do it. Because creating photography that communicates your brand and cuts through the noise means having the power build the business you want. Curious? Get started now with our free 15 minutes virtual mentoring.


I offer Skype mentoring classes, Group Masterclass and 1-2-1 mentoring classes and programs to help you master your Photography and learn how to do Visual Branding.

Instagram Makeover. Your photos are good but your grid looks scattered with painful Lightroom experiments? Now, this very tool is like discovering Blink after years of torturing your eybrows with tweezers.

PInterest coaching. Your images are great, your grid looks like the Sistine Chapel but STILL doesn’t get the visibility that deserve?
Contact my Pinterest Coach and content creator for NewYorkTimes Company, and one of the most loving people I know. She also changed my online life for good.