I'm Silvia the creator of Salvia+Limone. I am a former fashion designer, now professional food photographer and stylist.
My work as been featured in Marie Claire Maison, Table Magazine and Nikon among the others.

I live in London with my husband and our two kids.
I'm Italian, therefore I just love good company and good food. Within the years I also realised that for something to be good, has to be right.

My favourite foods are the ones made with love. We prevalently eat a plant based diet, organic & locally surced whenever possible.

When I'm not behind my camera I've got hands sticky with dough and clothes stained in children’s paint, ough.

my portrait by Catia Lemmi

My work has been featured on: Thrive Magazine US, Origin Magazine US, Table Magazine UK, HOME Cusines & Bains FR, Nikon EU.  Books: "The curated table" Ginkgo Press (out Spring 2019).

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Because I love beautiful food made with love. And Photography and Styling are my vocations.
I believe a photography is a beautiful language that makes us live more intensely, capturing unique moments that would otherwise pass unnoticed.

Teaching photography is a wonderful business that needs lot of umility and love. Help other creatives nourishes me and sparks my creativity and make me love photography and my life even more.


Stone ground flour, extra virgin olive oil, hand picked prunes dripping with sticky juice.
And the soft Genoise sponge of my grandma, melting in my mouth, the only cake she knew how to make. With each recipe I stir up childhood memories of years gone by.

This blog mission is to capture a sense of playful, childlike wonder.

It’s a fantasy, a reminiscence of my sweet life in our humble farm house. Now living in a city, I can still hear the burning stove crackling and the pungent smell of freshly milled olive oil on my warm bread.

portrait of silvia bifaro
photos by  Catia Lemmi

photos by Catia Lemmi

Salvia+Limone. Where the  name comes from ( a bit of history and chat if you can spare some more time)

It means Sage+Lemon and comes from the favour of the stylish Mera & Longhi candy.  Back into my childhood these botanical candies inspired me unimaginable flavours associations and an iconic branding. Both ingredients are widely used in Liguria and well represent its culinary dichotomy of  rock-growing herbs and rich exotic delicacies ( citrus was once considered exotic).

Liguria has a generous confectionery heritage, starting from the Middle Ages. The sea trades of Genoa with Morocco and India, introduced to the region a wide range of recipes and rare ingredients. Especially the so called Arabic Salt extracted form the tropical sugar cane, imported for the first time by Cristoforo Colombo. Cacao, vanilla and other rare spices, were also making Ligurian patisserie and confetti tradition one of the finest in Europe, supplying Versailles and the court of Spain (that is why Genoise sponge is also called Pan di Spagna "bread of Spain").

However the common folk had no access to sugar, and butter was not readily available either. The festivities were celebrated with mild sweet breads filled with raisins and a bit of honey. Chestnut flour was also used to make simple desserts. And olive oil was used instead of butter in many recipes.
Citrus was imported, and blessed by that unusual tropical climate that Liguria can vaunt, it grew effortlessly. Even Claude Monet celebrated the beauty of the landscapes abundant with citrus and colours. Especially Chinotto and Bergamotto, more rare and flavourful citrus. Cedro and Orange rinds were glazed, and along with sultans used to fill breads and focaccia during celebrations. Glazed orange rid and fresh alkekengi were imbibed in chocolate for a delightful after-dinner. And Rose Water to fill transparent sugar candies.
On the other hand, the religion and harsh land conditions often imposed periods of “magro” or “strettissimo magro”, meaning “meagre” and "strict meagre", referring to a strict vegetarian and vegan diet. But having little, made people wildly creative. Recipes like Pesto alla Genovese, Pan di Spagna and many others were born in Liguria and are now famous worldwide.

The sea breeze, the vegan friendly recipes and the creativity of earlier generations, is often my inspiration behind Salvia+Limone.

I hope you will enjoy making my recipes as much as I enjoy creating and sharing them!

chestnut caramelised walnut cake #vegan
table setting