Naked layered Black Beans Chocolate Mud Cake with Coconut Yogurt and Acai Ombre Frosting

Welcome friends. Thank you for passing by and take a look at my first recipe. I decided to share this cake as the first simply because it is truly mouth watering,  really looks beautiful, and honestly,  is also easy to make. Much easier than you would think. Give her a chance, she will make you happy and nourished to the bones!

Took me a bit to decide to start blogging (again). I opened this space some months ago but till recently I wasn't feeling like I had much to share, still I wanted to.
I definitely have a sweet tooth and I need food dense in nutrients otherwise I eat tonnes of it! ( I breastfeed 2 toddlers ). Also my children need real food in every bit they consume. However, to be honest with you, I also want something to inspire myself, and that could merge my previous job as designer with my recent passion for healthy food.
Patisserie is decorative by definition and I just love it.

Said that.

There is something totally unrelated that I would like to share with you.
It's about healing our emotional states or similar kind of things. We are truly blessed to live in a era where emotions and spiritual awakening have a so well deserved place of attention. So don't take me wrong. We need support through hard times. Always ask for support.
However after a while that I was hearing (and talking) about soul path, universe and unfolding gifts of life, and that "I am worthy" ( if worthiness comes per kilos really I am), I started wonder if I was living a L'Oreal advert or what. Life is made of good and bad. Really it is. We all go thought turmoils or hardaches.
It is good to sometimes acknowledge that there is a path, and that path will lead us somewhere, and all bits, nasty and wonderful, are needed for our growth. Yes!!
Well, actually sometimes life just sucks. I am sure many of us would have happily lived without few things. Lived better and easier. Some people around the world can call themselves lucky only because they are alive. This is an other story, I know, but is always good to keep a bit of a prospective in mind.
And, I believe these few points above here, are so healthy to see and admit. An act of self compassion. Because we cannot always keep ourselves on the path of acceptance and surrender. Sometimes the best thing is to walk up to a hill and scream out our frustration, our anger or our sadness. Because "bad" emotions exist.  Children know it very well, and they have no shame to fully experience and let out any of those emotions as well as laughing, dancing and cuddling.
And I do believe that to dig personal wounds is an activity that can easily take the entire lifetime. And endless money. And still we are there. It's great, our perception changed so much. Yea. Now what?

My husband is a rock climber. I tried once and I cannot wait to try it again. I feel like a scramble egg when I am up there, I am freaking out every move I make, and I become a bundle of terror when is time to get down, by letting go my quivering body into the nothing. I don't enjoy the panorama much too. Still I really want to do it. Again and again and again. Because fear guides my instinct for daring more.
I think my daughter first steps where feeling quite the same. Pain in the muscles and unbearable fatigue. She is now running, effortless. So what are we waiting for? The universe is really there. There is a great force that is leading our life.
But it doesn't wear an apron or a pointed fairy hat and doesn't feed us with a little baby spoon. We have to take one little step at the time and move our lovely ass forward ourselves.
I cannot wait to see where we will all end up! (you can always hold my hand if you need to)

Bracket close ( for now), and back to the recipe which is so so so good!

I need to give credit for the base, which is inspired by Eleanore's (of Earthsprout) chocolate mud cake. So good that takes all I have to don't run to the fridge right now for an (other) slice! I made some changes to the recipe and transformed it into a layered cake.
This cake is gluten free and it can be done nut free as well.

You need 4 small cake tins ( 18 cm diameter) and a food processor. A long spatula (similar to a huge butter knife) for the frosting.

Ingredients for the cakes

3 mugs (250ml) of cooked black beans
2 mugs of soft dates
1/3 mug of coconut oil, melted
3 Tbsp of rice syrup (not malt for baking) or maple
2 Tbsp chia seeds
Few spoons of water or plant based milk, if needed

1 mug of cacao powder
3 Tbsp of physillium husk ( optional, but I like the consistency that it gives)
2 Tbsp organic baking power ( half less of the ordinary chemical one)
1/2 tsp of unrefined salt
1 vanilla bean scraped

the base

handful of soft dates
1 Tbsp chia
1/2 mug sunflower seeds
1/2 mug sesame seeds (black are preferible) or other seeds if you are nut allergic
1 Tbsp rice syrup
2 Tbsp hemp powder
Zest of half a lime, the juice - if needed to run the processor or youlike a more tangy taste


Preheat the oven at 180º.
Simply blend the wet ingredients together and mix the dry separately ( include the chia in the wet ones).
Then blend or mix together when the oven is ready. If it is difficult to blend add just a few spoons of milk or water, one by one.
Blend until smooth.
Divide into 4 tins of 18 cm each and bake at 180º for 30 minutes circa (taste with a long stick).
The cakes will stay soft and wet, but the stick should come out clean.
Leave the cakes to cool down. When cold put into your fridge for a few minutes before decorating.

For the base just pulse the ingredients all together and press into an equal tin.
I told you it was easy!

Ingredients for the frosting

1 + 1/2 large pot of white pure coconut yogurt (usually it comes in 400gr pots)
1/3 mug circa of pure creamed coconut (looks like a brick of coconut meal)  - or 1/3 to 1/2 mug of soaked cashew (soaked at least 1 hour)
1/4 cup of acai juice
1 tsp of betroot powder or sort of a bright coloured juice
the zest of one lime and few drops of the juice

Here you need to experiment a bit. Coconut yogurt doesn't always have the same consistency, sometimes is so firm that can be used on its own, sometimes is annoyingly runny.
In this case you can make it more solid by simply blending the yogurt with the creamed coconut or some cashews.


Mix the yogurt with zest and juice.
In a powerful blender, add the ingredient of your choice bit by bit to the yogurt, testing the solidity of the frosting meanwhile you pulse with the nuts or the creamed coconut , ( try to decorate a side of the cake and see if it sticks to it).

To assemble

Starting form the seeds base make layers of cake and frosting, spread the yogurtbetween layers. Stay about 1 cm away from the edges.
The last cake on top must go upside down.
When the piling is done, make a first layer of frosting around the cake and over the cake top, very thin. Be gentle and calm. This layer will hold the crumbles together.

Now take 1/4 of the frosting and add the acai and beetroot until reached the desired shade of colour.

Make the bottom ring of colour starting decorate from the base of the cake, you don't need to be precise.
As the first ring of colour is done, add 1/4 more yogurt to the pot of acai coloured one, so the shade will be fading.
Make a second ring of colour, again you don't need to be precise but now the surface must become smoother.
With the snow white frosting make the last ring of colour and the top of the cake, work on the surface to have a good appearance. ( look at her tutorial:  callmecupcake- how to fill and cover a cake with frosting - she is the best)
The overlying of colours, as you make the rings of frosting, will make the fading even better looking.

As you saw from the picks you don't even need to cover the full of the cake, you can leave the dark of the chocolate to glimpse out of the frosting. But be sure the top is very well covered by a ticker layer or the chocolate would make it to turn yellowish within few hours.
Serve immediately and then keep into the fridge up to 3 days ( probably, never lasted that long)

Enjoy! I am looking forward to know how this came out for you!

With Love
Silvia B.