Rainbow Nice-Gelato Coconut Probiotic Bliss Cups

I have been always crazy about gelato, how can I look at the upcoming summer and I don't have a nice-Gelato ready for me?
Here the most simple yet transformative recipe for your healthy and beautiful version of a scoop of frozen happiness. Making nice-cream with coconut yogurt and fresh fruits is incredibly easy, and as probiotics survive the low temperatures, it is still plenty of goodness!
Now back to some of my thoughts, I know you are just sooo terrified approaching my crazy squabbled writing, but bare with me, this is serious and means to me. But If you really cannot wait for my recipe, thn go down the bottom of the post for it! And I will take it as a culinary compliment!

I recently listened to one of the most powerful of Isabelle Allende' speech. This, in a moment were motherhood is getting a less demanding job, and I start to engage with the rest of my life (again). So I am wondering. What I want this life to look like from now on, and, am I doing something to make this planet a better place? And above all, following one of my last post on Insta: am I doing something for the other women that are less lucky than I am? The truth is that I am doing very little. Embarrassing as I speak so bold.
As human we have this distinctive ability to think ourselves into other people lives, sympathize and feel what we haven't experience ourselves. As Jung said: "emotions is the chief source of becoming conscious"-And his old fellow Plutarch also said: "What we achieve inwardly will change the outer reality". To be conscious change things for better and by default.

So I suddenly realized that I don't need to start grand.  I can make a difference just being here. Being more mindful towards the people around me. More present. When I choose to see and listen and read what I would rather don't see or listen or read, because it is horrific.
(I even make the difference when I wait for that car to be parked in 1000 billion moves, in a space that could easily accommodate a tractor, and without tooting or making faces at the driver. This sounds a little flip, but only until the driver looks to you with such gratitude).
I feel I make the difference because I am building into myself the fertile ground of consciousness. The same consciousness I can use to bring up my children, so they may inspire their friends, and all them may will passing it down to our grandchildren.

Don't take me wrong, I don't blame myself for making patisserie and not being something else rather than me. I am proud of my work and if I can cooperate in sustain my family with it.  I am very lucky.  I however think I can still do my pretty job and don't numb my urge to be an outrage to all is still inflicted to woman, girls and baby girls out there. Or to the harmless all around our planet. So if I wish myself to succeed in something, here is a thing: To keep an open heart, open ears and eyes against the agoraphobia of an apathetic mind.

In her Harvard speech J.K. Rowling says "We collude with the brutality through our own apathy." She totally made a point.

So how do I make to work together a nice cream and this intense piece of writing? I don't. Life is made of dichotomies and has its inner discrepancies at all times. I can happily deliver you lighthearted recipes and be intense on different subjects at the same time. The idea of living a life of quiet, merry feelings of a unwavering contentment, always unconditioned from the outer, terrifies me. Doesn't sounds like life. Feels a profoundly wrong concept.  And so I do hope you don't hold the idea that I am making desserts all the time, then jog with my golden-retriever down Regent Park and come back to my perfectly tidy home, cheering my happy children that nicely play together. Because, given that I don't have a golden-retriever and I jug only when I need a toilet, also the rest runs a bit more frantically and messily. Like for everybody else.

Now, here the recipe finally! This is my version of Nice Cream. And can be used for breakfast too!


Golden milk layer
100 gr coconut yogurt
1/4 cup fresh coconut water from a young coconut
1 small and ripe banana
1 Tbsp Tumeric powder
1 to 3 Tbsp liquid sweetener ( maple, rice malt, honey)
a splash of lime
pinch of salt

Cream layer
100gr coconut yogurt
1 +1/2 Tbsp gently melted cocoa butter
1 Banana
1/2 mango
1 Tbsp lucuma
1 Tbsp sweetener of your choice ( maple, rice malt, honey)

Green layer
50gr coconut yogurt
1 avocado
1 handful of spinach
1 banana
1/4 cup cashews
1 Tbsp hemp seeds ( hulled) or hemp powder

Purple layer
100gr coconut yogurt
2 Tbsp pure Acai Juice
1/2 cup apple puree
1 Tbsp Lucuma or Baobab powder
1/4 cup soaked cashews or macadamia

Pink Layer
100gr coconut yogurt
2 Tbsp beetroot powder
1 Banana
1 Tbs Lucuma or Baobab powder

Blend all the ingredients of each flavor, starting from the lighter colour. Wait that a layer is set before pouring the next one on top. (To make these lollies I used some little jam jars). Take out of the freezer at least one hour before. Once softened don't refrigerate it again.