Protein Powered Almond Bomb Cake

Someone asked for a gluten-free protein packed cake? I surely did! So after a recipe fail (if you follow me on Insta you know what I am talking about), and a long but productive procrastination in posting out a recipe, here it is..

Not my invention but adapted from Linda Lomellino. So nutritious, so good. I thought as the recipe already comes dairy free it should have been “ a piece of cake” to make it fully vegan. Besides I usually can sense if something is not quite right. But I already had the styling in my mind, the flowers and berries were looking incredible at the local market store and I did not listen to that voice. Not to mention that I end up with a totally different cake decor. Lesson learned.

In brief: The vegan option needs to be split in 2 tins to properly cook. Overcooking is not an option, one more minute and the cake burn, so do not play with your children in an other room like I did, you might not hear the oven ringing. Cacao butter does not like Aquafaba, no matter how many technique I tried, they curdled. Still cute, still soft at tasting. But curdled. An other note is to use a dry sweetener such as coconut sugar, like I did. You need something to help holding the cake together, syrups are more likely to make your cake implode or burn before it cooks.

I love this recipe because it is highly nutrient and it does not require any gluten free flour, which texture I don't particularly like, even when I make it myself (I own a stone grinder).

For this cake you need:
manual or electric whipper – stainless steel large bowl – sterilised jars – food processor – 2 x 16 cm cake tins.

To be prepared ahead of time:
24 to 36 hours: vegan cream cheese – the night before: wipped Aquafaba

Ingredients for the cake
200 gr almond flour
100 g raw coconut sugar
250 ml of stiff aquafaba
1 super ripe banana
1 Tbsp pysillium husk fiber
1 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pure vanilla powder
1 tsp apple vinegar or lemon juice
the zest of one lemon
3 Tbsp water
+ 200gr of seasonal berries, tangy ones, for the filling and décor.

Ingredients for the cheese (makes filling and frosting for the double of the cake, the leftovers can be freeze)
300 ml (a large cup and something) of macadamia, or cashews, or a mixture of the two.
400 gr vanilla coconut yogurt
¼ cup cacao butter gently melted
2 Tbsp of Ume Su vinegar (Japan vinegar from umeboshi plums- fab to make cheesy taste and great on salads- also recover digestion and rebalance alcaline Ph- found in most organic shops)

Ingredients to make the whipped Aquafaba

250 ml Aquafaba, roughly from 2 cans of chickpeas
200ml powdered agave or xilitol (you can powder it in your food processor)
1tsp cream of tartar
5/6 Tbsp of tapioca flour


Rinse the nuts for the cheese, soak them in warm water for few hours (3 to 6).
Rinse and pulse to cream in a perfectly clean food processor, add some of the yogurt to help.
Mix with the yogurt.
In the oven with light on store in sterilized jars covered with a cheesecloth. Leave to ferment for 24-36 hours in the oven with light on. Mixing and tasting with a perfectly clean spoon every 6-12 hours, (Warning: yogurt bacteria get killed by saliva).
When reached the right acidity add the Ume Su and the melted cocoa butter( cooled to room temperature) mixing well.
Store in airtight container into fridge up to 3 days at most.
You can add colour the cheese frosting with some berries or acai juice.
Start blending in a little amount and keep adding until reached the preferred shade. I like my frosting with still some pieces of the fresh berries, for a more natural styling.

In a clean and dry (stain steel) bowl, start to whip the Aquafaba with the powdered sweetener of your choice.
Add the Tartar and the tapioca flour bit by bit. Whip until firm.
Store into the fridge uncovered, this will help the mixture to dry up.Before using you can whip up it again, but shouldn't be necessary.
The Aquafaba meringue is stiff and fluffy but still more delicate than the eggs white.

Assuming is all ready, preheat the oven at 180ºC.
Line with baking paper two 16 cm tins. Also grease the paper with some canola or coconut oil.
In a bowl mix the cake dry ingredients: almond flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, vanilla.
With a mixer blend the banana with the wet ingredients, except Aquafaba.
Gently mix together  the wet and the dry ingredients.
Start to incorporate the batter to the Aquafaba, using a spatula with a gentle upward movement from the bottom to the top. This phase require love and patience. Don't freak out now, you are nearly done!

When all the Aquafaba is incorporated divide the batter equally in two 16 cm spring-form tins. Bake for 25/30 min or until the stick comes out perfectly dry.
Let the cake cool and leave in the fridge for 30 min before filling and decorating.


Assembling ( not confident with this phase? Click here)

Start scooping the filling on the first layer. Add some berriesr and press them well so they do not make the cake wonky.  Repeat for each layer
When lying the filling measure it with a scoop, so is evenly distributed between layers.
(As I mentioned I did try to incorporate Aquafaba to this frosting, to make it more fluffy and light, didn't work as I thought, but if you like the curdled frosting just add 1/3 the Aquafaba to the desired amount of frosting, incorporate and leave in the fridge to set before using.)
Frost the cake with the cheese cream itself. In the picks are a couple of examples for the decor.

Serve immediately.

For the layered version below just double the cake ingredient, the frosting should be enough already.

I started to blog to have some personal creative space while rising two beautiful children, but I never took it too seriously until I started to bake cakes last summer. Not that I never baked before, my sweet tooth is a legend in my house, but layered cakes, frosting and décor were not in my list.

Around my birthday I fell in love with an incredibly complex layered cake, with all possible things on it: frosting, double filling and salted caramel that I made with live miso and a very naughty coconut sugar. I managed the recipe fully vegan and refined sugar free and it worked at the first try. I felt so excited, finally something creative and healthy I could do for myself and whole family would benefit too. Everybody licked the plates clean. I couldn't believe it! Even at the restaurant, where we went to celebrate, they asked in which patisserie we bought it! Such a satisfaction!
So here I am baking cakes. And trying to update this place with the recipes and my progresses.
I honestly think there are so many amazing cook out there, especially women that handle at once kids, blog, insta, work and so on.., with so much graciousness and generosity, that I do not think there is much more to say. But I do love very single bit of what I do. Recipe development, midnight baking, décor, photography AND eating CAKES, so here I am. Much love and appreciation for you passing by!


Silvia B. xx

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