Super Power Ice Lollies, double Recipe

I normally think that a good blog post should contain a fairly complicated and new recipe that people might need to be helped with.  But as we go a bit less complicated here, with less SUPs, less waste and less thoughts ( see previous post about it), I felt confident enough to share something very simple but very delicious and also good around workouts times.

Ice lollies are very simple to make, and I am sure you can freeze some smoothies without problem,  but I just thought these combinations of flavor came out pretty good.

I am joyfully de-cluttering my life. Is incredible to discover how little I need, an empowering feeling of independence form stuff. "More money, more work, more stuff..." is a forgotten cycle for us. It is more painful when it comes to relationships, and setting personal boundaries. I don't want to leave anybody behind, upset people or make them feel cut out. But today my new friend Marisa, AKA, said something that liberated me (almost completely): "I am way too sensitive for people that play games".  Yes. I am too. Honesty is my priority. Is not about pickpockets. Is about emotional honesty, soul honesty. I do understand, that people who play games, often learned to survive that way against bigger sharks. But if I try my best, and they still play, I will not give an other chance.

Last but not least, I am starting to seriously looking into what i want to do next in my life. I want to create a lasting and enjoyable routine of work and family. I love what I do and I don't want to clutter it with anything unnecessary, for as much as possible. So I am trying to find the balance on blog as well. This doesn't mean my next recipe will be on how to make ice cubes!!! ;) But I will include more simple and yet delicious everyday recipes. Dive on my Instagram to tell me what would you like to see more in this space, or leave a comment below.

So here 2 kind of Popsicle ( at least two recipes!)
First and my favourite:

Sexy Coconut and Orange Blossom Popsicles with Edible Flowers

Ingredients for 8 molds

2 young coconuts
1 tsp (1/2 tsp more for an intense flavor)  orange blossom water
8/10 edible flowers. Violets are the best.
pinch of your local unrefined salt (if you are on Himalaya go pink)

With a strong knife cut open the very top of the coconut until you have a hole big enough for the water to come out. Be careful!
Empty the coconut in a bowl of similar size. Filter any unwanted residue.
Add to the coconut water the pinch of salt and the orange blossom water and mix.
Then carefully pull open the hole and gently scoop out the pulp. Clean from any dark bit.
Fill for 3/4 the molds with the coconut water. Add the flowers, if the are little 2, if big 1 is enough. Unfold the flowers and try to keep them flat.
In each mold add tiny pieces of the coconut pulp, they will float on top.

Put the sticks in, very carefully. This could be tricky as you might squash a flower, so work with patience. Freeze in 2 hours circa.
Tip: these lollies are to be licked and sucked no bites allowed! Sexy!!


Second, and my kids favourite:

Creamy Cantaloupe and Basil Popsicles


3/4 can coconut milk, room temperature
1/3 very sweet and tasty green cantaloupe melon
3/4 leaves of basil
3/4 fresh pink peppers berries
a couple of spoons of frozen blueberries
pinch of local unrefined salt (good salt is also the carbon neutral one)

Blend the melon with the basil, the pink pepper and the salt.  ( my kids also threw some blueberries in, but you should get a beautiful pale green color. Instead, for an elegant light gray let the kids intervene... )
In a bowl, gently incorporate the coconut milk to the melon.
Pour into the molds and fill up to 3/4.
Finish with the frozen blueberries, maybe a basil leave if you dare.
Gently place the sticks and freeze for 2 hours circa.

I actually love this combination of flavors. It reminds me of my fav sorbetto in Portofino as a girl.
If you are new to naturally sweet food you might want to add a couple of Tbsp of rice malt or a similar healthy alternative to refined sugars. However don't exceed, or it will cover the other tastes.

Love Silvia B.



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