Triple Chocolate Gluten Free Muffin with Hazelnut Hit

triple chocolate GF_ salvialimone

Anything for chocolate! This muffins are actually closer to browny for their mouthful richness. Are very soft and moist too. Do you know what annoyed me most when I was a kid? Having chocolate cakes that wouldn't taste chocolate at all. Especially some old friend of my grandma was serving this bland cake, basically because cocoa was expensive. My grandma instead would always strive for the best quality over quantity. So I did learn.

Has been a long time since I have been able to post something on my blog. For as much as I want to be more consistent on social media, remains that I have two small children and with me most of the time. Although I have been organising my schedule in different way my efforts seemed uneffective. I had more organisers syncing apps than I could ever imagine or wished,  a list of frustration-free second plans in case my smallest child doesn't nap or anybody is sick. But my daily was often packed with urgent things, matters that needed a fix. But problem solving attitude produces endless lists and condemn you to the eternal hell of paperworks, housework or whatsoever. With the result of feeling unproductive and exhausted.
So I decided to be more sustainable with my inner environment. I decluttered my phone from what only helped to feel more busy, and I kept a simple digital notebook. As my phone is always with me is my most accessible tool and I don't need much else. With a digital notebook I save paper and time as it sinc with my email.  And I am trying a social media managing app.

On Wonderlist I made 3 list. N.#1 Things that require less than ten minutes to be done and can be squeezed among other tasks. N.#2Things that are urgent but not important (and take a lot of time). N.#3 The important tasks. Important tasks come first. I leave the urgent, tedious and unimportant tasks for when the important are done. Among important things are prioritized PR and children quality time, and I recently added "me" time. Because these nourish my emotional health, make me an happier more productive person. I came to realise how important is for me to have constant interactions with the people I love, love and taking care of my so can take only 10 min now and then during the day, and it brings self respect and appreciation.

Now I plan my day with few tasks and then I half the list, I prioritise the most important goal of the day and I cut down the list even more if possible. I lowered my expectations therefore I lowered my stress. This way I feel more fulfilled, my day ease, and I am often able to complete more things than predicted. It is satisfying.
I also apply the rule of not leaving anything half way. So the urgent annoying things diminish dramatically. I answer the email or comments only during the evening while I sip on some herbal tea. This way I don't rush to the phone every time an app rings. This helps me to get less distracted during other activities and get more stuff done with less stress.

All these bits helped me to feel I do more than just floating above waters, remain that I only have 24 hours a day, nights are still interrupted by children waking ups. So lowering expectation has been gold and produced these high chocolate muffins! A win win situation, won't you agree?

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For this recipe you need a couple of bowls and a muffin trail. I used some recyclable muffin cases.

This recipe is: VG SF GF NF (option)

Ingredients for the muffins

320gr gluten free flour blend
200gr of raw unrefined coconut sugar (up to 240 for the real deal sweet tooth thing)
70gr raw cocoa powder ( raw cocoa in more substantial than regular one therefore you can use way less)
40gr circa dark chocolate (refined sugar free and soya lecithin free if possible)
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp pure vanilla powder
pinch of unrefined sea salt
200ml circa of plant based milk (non sweet)
170ml light extra virgin olive oil or other extra virgin vegetable oil
2 Tbsp hazelnut butter

Ingredients for the ganache

60 gr dark chocolate (possibly refined sugar free and soya lecithin free)
1 tbsp coconut cream
pinch of salt
pinch of pure vanilla

Ingredients for the frosting

1/2 cup cold coconut cream (the thick cream only)
pinch of salt
squeeze of lemon
1 tsp of rice malt or other clear sweetener (optional)


Preheat the oven at 180ºC, line the muffin cases in the trail.
Chop the chocolate into small pieces and combine it with all the dry ingredients.
Add the oil to the dry ingredients and combine with a fork. When texture is sandy and all lumps are gone add the water, bit by bit. Depending on the flour, it can take more water or less. The mixture should be slightly runny, like honey.
Fill the cases up to 2/3.
Combine the hazelnut butter with a couple of spoons of hot water. Add a teaspoon of this mixture to the top of each muffin.
Cook for 35-45 min circa. Let them cool completely before assembling.

Chocolate ganache
Gently melt the chocolate with the salt. Leave to cool down until tepid and add the coconut cream and the vanilla. Serve slightly tepid to contrast the cold frosting.

Simply whip up the coconut cream with the lemon and the salt. Gently incorporate the rice malt. Leave into fridge until perfectly set before using.

Make sure the muffin are completely cooled down. With a small spatula spread the frosting over the top making a little hill in the centre. Sprinkle some chopped hazelnut or chocolate and pour the ganache just before eating.

Enjoy! xx

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triple chocolate GF_ salvialimone


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