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I wish my parents would have talk me more about failure when I was a young girl. Is not that they did avoid the topic on purpose, just probably didn't felt relevant to them because they were busy moving towards their visions.

But at a point of my life it became SO relevant as I started to believe nobody was failing but me.

Took me time to learn the lesson and as I grew eyes on my head I saw that there is no real effort without failure, and there is no smooth path whatever we choose to do.


But is still so easy in this universe of social media to think is all so bright and effortless. Hello?! Not really. No project in career or life is effortless. There are no conquers without failures. And no fruitful collaborations without mutual honesty. Sounds flip? Maybe, but come and tell me when you have experienced it!


So as happened that we had to cancel our Autumn Gathering, we decided to choose vision over the failure.

Now it clearly was not an easy call to let go of this beautiful project for the unexpected low ticket sale, especially after the enormous success of the Spring edition. The stunning menu, the incredible space we found, all the effort into preparing all details. All gone in one click as the Evenbrite page was deleted.


It was hard to admit for me, more clear for Kimberly, that we were pushing the sales of a project that should have sold itself. And that because of a series of small but relevant marketing mistakes we could see only now.


After the first 30 seconds (or 30 minutes) of feeling a fault. I started to get trilled for all the learning that emerged just for letting go of all the stress of pushing something right in the wrong direction. Vision. The anxiety took me away the vision and the clarity. As soon as I breath out my fear I started see what could have be done better or differently. As we kept discussing we felt again nourished by each other ideas and view. And I could tell the difference. Quitting was the right decision. We had gathered all the best equipment, we were strong, but we were in the wrong jungle. Was pointless to continue as we finally saw the reality.


Still I had a nightmare the night before I sent out the email to our beloved, and still super supportive, sponsors ( Who already sent us valuable product). To actually find that clients, assistants and sponsors appreciated our candid admission more than anything. And stick with us.

We put out these post just to say that reality can be bitter but doesn't change how passionate and hard-working we are, only re-direct our vision towards the right path.

Do not be afraid of failing, don't be even gracious at it. Is not fun but is part of the deal of exposing yourself to success.

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Thanks for reading and for the support!


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