5 Ingredients Bromley Apple Crostata

apple crostata_salvialimone

A Vegan Apple Crostata ( Tart) is all we needed in our lives this week
Bromley apples are just ripening on our garden tree and they were only waiting this tart to come to life in my kitchen!
When it comes to apples in our house we don't like to fuss much around them, we like to encourage their seasonal flavour to burst out in all its deliciousness. No need to go fancy with these garden beauties!

apple crostata_salvialimone
apple crostata_salvialimone

10 min + 30 min resting
30 min cooking

For this recipe you will need:
8-9 inch Tart oven dish, Rolling pin, 2 Bowls, and a Surface to roll down the pastry.


250 gr white unbleached flour ( you can do half and half with whole wheat)
190 gr slightly soft coconut oil
3 Tbsp of ice cold water
1/4 tsp unrefined salt

4 large Bromley apples
4-6 Tbsp coconut sugar
1 Tbsp soft coconut oipinch of salt


In a large bowl shift the flour, add the salt and whisk. Add the coconut oil and with a fork combine until you have small crumbles. Add the cold water and keep working with your fork until combined.
Then with your hand form a smooth ball. Place the pastry ball into a airtight container, leave to rest in the fridge for 30 min.

In the interim we peel core and finely slice the apples in a bowl. When the apple are sliced mix gently with the sugar and the pinch of salt. Leave to rest.

Take your dough out form the fridge and on a clean surfaced dust some flour. Start rolling down the pastry to a 3 mm sheet.
Measure a circle that fits your tin and cut the excesses. When the base is ready spread the apples in a "fan shape".
Make few long strips to go on your crostata. They need to be thin to cook well.
On top brush the Tbsp of coconut oil and sprinkle some sugar.
Use the leftover pastry to decorate the crostata.

Cook for 30 minutes on a low rack and serve tepid ( with nicecream) but anyway try to consume on the same day.


apple crostata_salvialimone
apple crostata_salvialimone
apple crostata_salvialimone
apple crostata_salvialimone
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