Tarte Tatin with White Chocolate Caramelized Pears

pears tarte tatin_salvialimone

I made this Tarte Tatin to actually put in good use a traditional vegan recipe for brisée pastry that was used in Liguria. Is a very soft dough rolled down into fine sheets that are piled up together to make a fine, fragrant and slightly crunchy brisée.

I made this Tart for Thanksgiving by kind invitation of Nathaniel at Terminatetour Kitchen

I love his joyous touch to the recipes and to the food photography, his love for good food is so palpable that warm my hearth every time I see his work!

So as I am do not have much knowledge about Thanksgiving traditional recipes I though to share a recipe that is traditional of my region, using it in a classic Tart that is known worldwide.

As I have mentioned before Liguria has a rich heritage of vegan friendly recipes that traditionally do not involve eggs and butter. So how to make a brisée without butter?  How to have something so fragrant and light? Our grandmother work it out making single thin sheets of pastry brushed with oil and piled together. Is a bit longer process but takes only minutes with a tart like this one and the result is so worth it!
The pastry is so fragrant. The pears become deliciously scrumptious cooked in cacao butter and caramelized sugar. And for this recipe I have re-discovered Tumeric as a spice for sweet dishes, especially when accompanied by almond milk and cocoa, it enhances creaminess and the butter flavour.

The sisters Tatin made this recipe to be a gâteaux renversés. However, in this case, I wanted a simpler version as the pastry is already quite different from many recipe you have seen before.
Certainly you can make this very same tart in the traditional Tatin's way.

Please find all the participant's links at the bottom of this post, go and check their tarts for some amazing cooking inspo! <3

pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone

For this recipe you need:

10inch pie dish-  large pan for glazing the pears -

Time preparing 30 min
Cooking 30-40 min depending how thin will be your pastry


220 gr or 1 cup white flour
56ml or 1/4 cup olive oil
140ml or 2/3 cup cold almond milk (unsweetened)
1 tsp pure vanilla essence
1/4 tsp salt

5-7 not too ripe pears
1tsp Turmeric (curcuma)
1Tbsp cocoa butter
4Tbsp raw sugar of your choice
1/3 cup circa of almond flakes for decoration


Prepare the pears by pealing halving and coring them. I like to leave the petioles on.
Place in a large pan 4 spoons of sugar and let it melt on a very low flame, until golden brown almost burn. Then carefully stir in the cocoa butter and the turmeric.

Add the pears carefully , turn them around in the cream as they are still raw, and let them cook with lid on. Medium-high flame for 15 min. Keep an eye to don't burn them!
Turn them off when cooked and leave with no lid.

Meanwhile the pears cook.

In a large bowl sift the flour, add the salt and the oil and work with a fork until a sand consistency is achieved, add the milk and the vanilla and keep working with the fork. When fells to be well combined quickly assemble together the dough in a smooth ball, touching it the less possible. Let it rest under a tea towel.

Switch on your oven at 180C°.

Brush some oil into your pie dish.
Cut your dough in 3 pieces. On a clean and well floured surface start to roll down one piece of pastry into a circle. make it very thin, around 1 millilitre. Place the pastry sheet into the pie dish and brush it with oil.
Repeat with the other 2 pieces of dough.

*If the dough bunch back as you try to roll it down, you know you need to make it again from the start as you have worked the dough too much and now the gluten is activated.  However make this pastry doesn't take long I promise!*

Arrange your pears on the pastry and pour over the sugar mixture. Place in the oven for 30-40 minutes on the lower rack.
When ready take out, sprinkle some almond and let it bake for other 5 minutes.

Enjoy tepid or room at temperature.


pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone
pears tarte tatin_salvialimone