Raw Miso Lemon Tarts

This raw, paleo-friendly lemon tarts are the perfect treat for the family, quick and easy. I love the contrast between the rich and salty pastry and the sweet and fresh raw lemon curd.

Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone

Flavours can be slightly changed accordingly with your taste and the success of the recipe will not be compromised. Is that kind of recipe that fit with my random freezer selection, my forgettable shopping list, my ever fully stored pantry.

Yes, you might think a baker and someone who cares so much about styling her cakes has a perfect kitchen with forever blossoming peonies and large amount of every possible of the most rare ingredients. Instead like everyone else, my shopping list get lost in my bag, I forget to check Wonderlist and I pass by the groceries wandering what the h#ll I have might needed. Of course remembering I actually needed something only when already cooking.

It is not such a uncommon habit and not so bad to forget one ingredient sometimes. Creativity must get a stimulus to run right? So if you are like me this tarts are the perfect fit for you, and if you are a pro in completing lists of any kind without forgetting a comma, well worry not you ar gonna rock this too.

For this recipe you need:  High speed or good blender - 4 individual tarts tins, with movable bottom.
Pre soaking is required for this recipe.


Lemon cream
2 organic or unwaxed lemons - juice plus zest
1 small and very ripe banana ( I used ahoney banana)
1/2 cup coconut cream from coconut milk can (I use Biona)
2 Tablespoon rice malt ( or to taste)
1 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil softened
1 Tbsp raw cocoa butter liquified (optional)
1/2 tsp raw vanilla marrow
1/2 tsp turmeric for colouring (optional)
Handful of brazil nuts ( soaked overnight or 4 hours in hot water)
Handful of cashew nut ( soaked overnight or 4 hours in hot water)
Pinch of salt

1 cup brazil nuts
1/2 cup roasted shredded coconut (can be used raw, roasted is more flavourful)
1/2 cup mejool date
1 tbsp rice malt
1/2 tsp raw vanilla marrow
1 tsp Tideford organic&unpastorized white miso or soya free miso


Blend all the filling ingredients. Taste for sweetness ( it can be quite sweet) and let them set in the fridge while you prepare the base.

Roast your coconut in a sauce pan until lightly brown and nutty scented.
In a wide food processor blend the nuts and the coconut until you have a rough sand, do not over-blend or the oils will start to separate and "squeeze out" of your pastry.

Add all other ingredients and blend again until the dough is combined. Taste with your fingers that it sticks together when pressed and taste for sweetness. It needs to be more salty than sweet.

Press the dough into the 4 tins be careful to make it thick enough to resist when lifted out the tins.

Put in the freezer for 15 minutes to harden up. After 15 minutes take the tarts out the freezer and carefully lift them out the tins and fill with the lemon curd in equal amounts.

Decorate with coconut shreds, pistachios oralmonds, or fresh blueberries.

*Tip #1: You can use powdered xylitol or dry mango to sweeten the lemon curd in place of the banana.
*Tip #2: the tart can be also made in a single big one without any recipe change.
*Tip #3: you can replace lemon with lime for a more summery recipe

Enjoy !

With Love

Silvia xx

Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone
Raw Miso Lemon Tarts_salvialimone