Red Berries and Yoghurt Summer Cake

red berries victoria sponge_vegan

I have been thinking a lot about Instagram and what this platform represents for me. I have to be honest I still debating with myself on my position. I fill responsible towards my followers and towards my own work.


To me, Instagram is a portfolio, I've never been so bold to think I could inspire anything to anybody else. It has been my creative resuscitation and I don't even care a lot when people say I should have 100K followers instead of 26K with my contents.  I know am relying on an app, which is not very clever to start with, (but till now, with my energies and time resources, that it is) so I don't stress about what I cannot control focusing instead on becoming better and better at my work. But yes I am planning for more a sturdy base for my presence on the Internet.


Said that I don't like to sit on the throne of the expertise, but if you relay on Instagram like I do, come prepared. Is the wild wild west. With companies building feeds to sell them to Influencers, managing the feed for them even. Pods (secret groups on other apps) that support each other with likes and comments so to beat the algorithm. And massive problems on copyright which I will tell you more about soon.
And the algorithm.


The algorithm!!! Being on an app with our business doesn't sound clever. Google and Pinterest are better options as you own your space. They are search engines, there is no algorithm there in the sense of Facebook or Instagram have. I will talk about this more.


Now, I like marketing and business, so let me say something very... uncomfortable to IGers? I do understand the meaning of the Algorithm and is not a personal battle against us. Instagram is part of a business and we are sitting on its sofa waiting for tea to be served. There won't be any tea served. The algorithm is meant to give people the best matching contents for what they look for. And make the company richer. I don't expect anything else. Sounds cynic? Maybe. But is part of how a business of that proportions works. 

Sorry, I make cakes, but I'm not good at making pills sweet. So let's have a cake to digest all this above ;D shall we?


Cake forms Ø  15 cm
Preparation time: 15-20 minutes

Baking time: 45 minutes
Serves: 8

250ml almond or rice milk
200ml olive oil (about 1 cup and 1 tbs)
125 gr plant-based plain yoghurt
3tbs ground flax seeds + 9tbs cold water
1/2 tsp vanilla pure powder
grated zest of 2 un-waxed limes plus the juice

250g raw unrefined sugar
350g plain or GF flour
1.5tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

for the cream
200 gr coconut yoghurt
1 can coconut milk refrigerated
2 Tbsp coconut oil melted and cooled down as much as possible
1 Tsp stevia
pinch of vanilla pure powder

1-2-punnets of organic strawberries and raspberries or your favourite zesty berries



Preheat the oven to 180°C (325F). Grease the cake tins.

Prepare the flax seed mixture by combining the ground flax seeds with the water in a medium bowl. Mix briefly. Next add the grated lemon zest, milk, vanilla extract and olive oil. Set aside.

In a separate large bowl mix together all the dry ingredients - the sugar, flour, vanilla powder baking powder and salt. Mix well.
Next, combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and gently fold with a wooden spoon until the mixture is nicely combined. 

Pour the cake batter into the prepared cake tins and place in the oven.
Bake for 65 minutes or until golden brown. Do the stick test to ensure it is cooked throughout the centre.

While the cake bake prepare, open the coconut can and take the thick cream only, then combine it with the others ingredients for the cream. Gently fold them together with a spoon or a whisker and set aside in the fridge.

When the cake is done, allow it to cook for about 5-10 minutes before carefully removing it from the tins
Allow it to cool completely before assembling.

Wash and cut your berries
Spread 1/3 or the cream on the first cake,  or pipe it using a sandwich bag with a corner cut off.
Make a layer of cream and a layer of berries then place on top the second cake upside down.
Spread the rest of the cream and the berries on top of it making a nice hill. Dust with coconut flour if you like to or use some mint leaves to decor.
Cake done!



red berries victoria sponge_vegan
red berries victoria sponge_vegan
red berries victoria sponge_vegan
red berries victoria sponge_vegan
red berries victoria sponge_vegan