gathering table for the masterclass
visual branding and social media strategies masterclass

For long time I wanted to create a class to share my work experience and teach actionable fundamentals to social media newbies.
And when I met the pinterest Influencer Antonella and the stylist and psychologist Catia, I knew that with their expertises I had the opportunity to make it happen.

With this masterclass we wanted to help creatives have an overview on the unmissable notions they need to start on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. And give a honest friendly hand to help them make the first steps.

Something I wish I had when I started. Awareness, a strategy layout and a set of clear actionable steps. And someone to go back to, for asking my burning questions.

Infact the Masterclass did not finish on the Sunday. We will be supporting our students along the way with 2 virtual follow up and handy cheat sheets so they will never feel lost in their first steps.

How the day unfolded…

Visual branding and strategies:

We started with the Visual Branding fundamentals, after a vegan breakfast with my orange cinnamon buns and tea.
I held this first session based on my corporate experience of trend researches as former fashion designer.

I discover not too long ago that the same techniques I was using in my former job can be twisted and applied to Instagram and Blogging. I partially shaped these tangible notions around my personal experience as Influencer to create a comprehensive structure that could be directly actionable.

Catia facilitated the session with live exercises and nuggets of awareness, giving to the students the chance to deepen the learning.

Catia and I worked hand in hand for this session form the preparation to the delivery. Catia has a fundamental clarity that makes her able to deliver strong and tidy any given idea. Her creative experience has been crucial for shaping the session contents.

The Styling:

We kept this session short and sweet. The aim was to give a set of basic techniques to remark the previous session theory. I demonstrated a styling extensively explaining the rules. Than the students had the chance to try few styling themselves.

The Gathering:

Catia and I had a vision for the students to be nurtured and possibly even spoiled under every point of view.

Our sponsor Belazu made the project possible. Belazu not only has the most fabulous vegan ingredients (pickled green strawberries anyone?), but also has a clear drive on sustainability and is largely awarded for positively investing in their employers. The kind of people we like.
The menu included Truffle Artichoke crostini, Rose harissa bruschetta, Violetto artichokes salad with mascarpone and pickled green strawberries. Focaccia made by me. On the table Vermouth Vinegar and Truffle Oil served in delicate perfume mini bottles.

And of course Catia’s ravioli, with a lemon scented filling of spinach and a condiment of pine nut and balsamic pearls. A dream just to say.
We finished the lunch with my Chestnut and Coffee cake, recipe here.

The plates have been kindly given but one of the most talented people I ever met. Ayse, London based Turkish ceramist that creates earthy ceramics often with rustic and delicate lace prints.

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

The Editing and Pinterest Session

After lunch we dive in the editing. Here again I kept everything very clear, teaching a system of approachable fundamentals for the post production. That if applied in full make a bulletproof photography.

Pinterest Clinic held then her in depth-Pinterest session. Teaching clear strategies to make Pinterest become a great asset for their blossoming businesses. Pinterest as one of the top 4 marketing tools has a lot of potential. With her long term experience as Pinterest Influencer for corporates, Antonella gave the know-how to use this powerful platform at its best.

She gave some unmissable insight on how to strategically start with Pinterest and make it grow with the right tools and contents. Her expertise made this session perfect for closing the day with all fundamental needed for the students not just to start, but also the potential grow a business on social media.

The final bit:

After the Pinterest Fundamentals we ended with Q&A session and we said arrivederci with the generous goody bags by our sponsor Belazu

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

Photo by sarah @aslowgathering

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