Sweet Potatoes Chocolate Tarts with Toasted Meringue

Sweet potatoes chocolate tarts with toasted aquafaba meringue
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram

My friend, these deliciously rich chocolate tarts are so far one of my most succesful dessert in the house. Like I merely saw them after the shooting.
That you are plant based or not you must try these lucious velvety tarts!

I love pies and tarts, but man these days don’t like the battle with the vegan dough. I’m over scheduled and tired, so I’m in for a brainless crust and a bulletproof delicious chocolate cream.

And I’m so proud of how EASY and delicious these tarts came out!

If you want to see the recipe scroll down the end of the page because before I want to share something personal about Food Photography and the creativity process.

It’s something I ‘m passionate about, so probably there is a level of intensity in my writing. But I hope I ‘ll still be able to share in a way that is useful for your creative process too. Again, if you are not interested just scroll all the way down to the end of the post!

Vegan chocolate tarts with toasted aquafaba Thoughts about being a Food Photographer on Instagram
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram

On the perfect showcase of the Instagram Platform, we often can feel we are not capable as others, not good enough. We feel that the gap between our current photography skills and our ambitions is far too large for our capacities to fill up.

I can hear this thought ”Ah if only I was as good as you are”,…

Some, are heartfelt compliments I’m so humbled when I receive them. But many others are pretty self-dismissing comments.

Well then, I‘m asking you. Who tells you, your food photography isn’t good enough? In general, I mean, who are telling us, we don’t do well enough?

Because, my dear friend, I have these thoughts myself ALL the time.

With 40K+ followers on my Instagram feed, I still struggle to please my critic self. And I bet would be the same with 100K.

For a long time, I felt my photography wasn’t good at all. From Instagram to my ambitions, anything would pull me on the criticism train and make me feel disappointed with my work.

I would delete shootings that didn’t look as good as I hoped, or dismiss my creative projects even before they had the time to “root”. I would ignore ideas because I had a critic tag ready for them saying “not good enough”.

The problem there was that the judge didn’t come from a strategy of growth than it would have meant something. Instead, it came from the dry place of just being super hard with myself. Sooo painful to say, but true.

Are you being hard on yourself too?
Because surely my beginner photos weren’t anything near perfection (and why they should have been anyway), some were probably total crap.

But what if instead of dismissing them, I gave my experiments the time and space to expand. Maybe a truly great idea would have flourished out of those absolutely good-enough-tentatives.

I discovered at my expenses that we need to have the compassion to stay with our current level of skills. Accept and thrive in the evidence of our clamorously imperfect projects.

Because we can only grow if we dare to love those messy tentatives. Give yourself the credit for the sweat and tears we gave to those difficult beginner steps.

Push through the disappointment and instead of worry that we might be not good enough, focus on doing the work that it takes to grow. Because that’s all that matters. Hard work and the experience that comes with it.

Instead of allowing any criticism to pull us in the other direction, we can put our energy in focusing on the work we need to do to serve our dreams.

Walk that extra mile so to speak. Wake up that hour early or go to sleep an hour before. Decide to take 10 minutes to organize your next day. That’s how we become pro.

Empower your dream. Write a contract with it. Be professional about what you do. Because that is what the person we admire have done already.

They didn’t wake up to a stunning feed or a title. The worked towards it.

Does it feel your growth is taking far too long? I know it does, doesn’t it? I say takes much more time to don’t even try. Time will pass anyway. Three months of achieving little are way better than three months of not doing anything at all!

We must allow dreams and creative ideas to work out for yourself and let them take root and expand. So we feel them and we get fuelled to work towards them. Even if all we can take is one baby step at a time.

There’re a couple of things that helped me get out of the “ not good enough” ugly attitude.

Recently have learned to let other people (and especially my self-criticism) to have an opinion on what I’m doing. The difference here is that while accepting the opinions, I don’t get so affected in an unproductive way. I listen and decide to stay with what I want to do.

Also, I realized I often pushed myself to share a project, or engage in a new one when I was exhausted. Often would happen at the end of a day nursing my kids or after a tough week.
Because I was answering a FOMO urge or whatever fear of not being on top of my time and commitments due other commitments.

I wasn’t grounded working towards the goal that I cared for. Or sometimes not grounded to see that wasn’t the right moment to start working at that goal.

So I started realizing I had to learn how to own my goals and my other commitments. To be more intentional with my time and my energies if I wanted to pursue my dreams, in order to cut the noise of self-doubt and self-criticism and make space for the real work to happen.

And I had also to embrace who I am and take directions that could work with ME. Not with who I thought I should be instead.

Finally, truly all it takes to grow is waking up every day and do what it takes, possibly something more.

And love big! Be enamoured with your projects is essential.

Please let me know in the comment below, what your experience is and what helps you with the self-criticism?

Lots of love! Silvia x (and the recipe is below)

The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram

Prep. :20 min
Cooking time 15 min
Cooked in advance: sweet potatoes

Recipe for the tarts

1 package of vegan friendly digestive
110gr of good quality vegan butter, softened
2-4 Tbsp of plant milk

Chocolate Filling
2 medium sweet potatoes (cooked leftovers)
3 Tbsp coconut oil, softened
2-3 Tbsp coconut sugar, or to taste
150 gr bittersweet hazelnut chocolate, melted (or other dark chocolate)
70 gr cocoa powder
Few spoons of milk to help the blender to process.

1 can chickpeas in salted water

More chocolate to grate on top
lefotovers crumbs from the crust making to use as topping.


For the crust
Preheat the oven at 180°C - 350°F

  1. Place the crushed biscuits in a blender and process until you have fine crumbs.

  2. Add the softened coconut oil (or some very good quality vegan butter) and and process until there are no large lumps.

  3. Add 2 tbsp of milk and process until the mixture start becoming wet and start agglomerating to the sides of the belnder.
    With your finger press the mixture for consistency. Should be sticky and soft enough to hold together perfectly. If it’s still not so sticky add 1 spoon only at the time, testing until you have the right consistency.

  4. Divide the mixture into 3 individual size pie dishes. Firmly press the mixture into the dishes, Prick the bottom of the shells with a fork and bake for 15 minutes on the lower rack.

for the filling

  1. In a food processor add the potatoes, the melted chocolate and all the other ingredients. Pulse until smoot and no lumps are left. Add some spoons of milk if necessary to help the blender.

  2. Divide the filling among the cooked shells, sprinkle on top some of the biscuits crumbs and chopped hazelnuts

  3. If you like to, just before serving you can add the toasted Meringue. This will take 30 minutes to prepare.
    To make the Meringue follow my instructions here. (You need 1 can of chickpeas here)
    With a sac à poche pipe the meringue on top of each tart and with a kitchen flame toast the top for a few seconds.
    Bake the rest of the meringue immediately following my intructions on the linked post.

    The toasted meringue should last few hours if you have made it solid enough. Mine made it to the morning after quite well.


The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram
The Most Indulgent Vegan Chocolate Tarts and Thoughts about being a Food Photgrapher on Instagram