Strawberry Meringata sponsored by Millesima

Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable

Since I started making meringue with aquafaba, I dreamt to make this childhood classic. I remember going to the restaurants in Italy with my parents as child and Meringata would always be my choice of dessert. The contrast between the soft cream, the delicate crunch of the meringue that instantly melts and the tangy fresh strawberries, make one of my favorite combinations.

I love the rusticity of my version of this old fashion dessert, that often instead, was very industrial.

Today I’m pairing my recipe with a Vintage Bollinger Rosè from Millesima. A bottle of impressive champagne that pairs perfectly with spring berries. Champagnes are my passion and Vintage are very tricky to buy, as you need to be sure they have been kept in the right conditions. So I usually buy only in a local shop in my home town and drive them up to my London home. But now Millesima is my go to when I need to impress my dad or have something special for me and my hubby.

This champagne is also sustainable, like many wines and champagne that Millesima sells. Infact they have the most incredible range of sustainable and organic bottles from the best wineries.


Strawberries and rosé are one of my favourite pairing especially with aged champanes, usually called Vintage. They have a deeper taste that recall berries and a light scent of their oak barrels. I wish I could explain it better to you. Reality is that its rubost eccentric taste is heaven to me.
My father is an expert in fine wines and could describe this cghampagne complexity with very complex terms. I limit myself at enjoying It with all my means and this time with this rustic recipe.

Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable

Time :

Making 20 minutes
Refrigerating overnight

For the recipe you need a 15 cm (6”) springform cake tin.


For the cream:
1 pack good quality vegan cream cheese (200 gr circa)
1 can pure coconut cream, (form 1 refrigerated can)
1 can white butter beans, washed
1 cup raw sugar (the clearest you can find)
4 Tbsp coconut butter or good quality vegan butter, softened
1 Tbsp almond essence

For the cake
1 pack of cream crackers (for EU called water crackers, unsalted - if you are in US use graham)
10 medium vegan meringues (recipe here)
10 fresh strawberries


Cut the washed strawberries in small cubes and brake the meringues in pieces.

In a food processor blend the butter beans with the almond essence and the sugar until you have a smooth paste.

Add the cream cheese, the coconut cream, the butter and fold together until perfectly combined (don’t blend). Taste for sweetness.

If necessary place the cream into the freezer for 10 minutes or until is set. You need to be able to scoop it out with the biscuits.

Save in an airtight container 1/3 of the cream. Store in the fridge for later.

Prepare a 15 cm (6”) deep cake tin (springform or with a loose bottom) with baking paper.

To the remaining 2/3 of the cream add the strawberries and the broken meringues and fold gently.

With biscuits scoop out a thick layer of this cream and place the biscuit standing in the cake tin.

Now repeat with the rest of the biscuits, placing them in circular rows until the cake tin is full. (you probably will need to break the last biscuits in half as you come to the center of the tin).
With a spatula spread some of the cream on the top of the cake and refrigerate overnight.

In the morning take out the cake from the tin and spread on the sides the last 1/3 of the cream.
Sprinkle with broken meringues.

Serve very chilled with a good Rosé.

Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
vegan meringues #aquafaba
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable
Strawberry Meringata with Bollinger Rosé Champagne #vegan #sustainable