Easy Frangipane and Plum Hand Pies

easy frangipane hand pie

One of the recipes that ‘ll forever be in my heart is my grandmother’ pie made with filo pastry.

I never posted that recipe because for as simple as it looks, requires advanced pastry skills.

In Liguria we make a traditional vegan filo pastry, rolling down the filo layer by layer and then piling the silky transparent sheets together with oil, to create the effect of the traditional butter filo. To say this version takes time is an ephemism!

That light fragrant and cruncy pastry has been in my memories for years, I love to make it myself for the challenge.
I dearly remember my grandma hands working fast on the bread table while the cats purred between her legs waiting for a piece of cheese or some milk from the flling.

easy fangipane hand pies with autumn fruits

But I recently discovered a turkish shop nearby, browsing for spices I discover a filo pastry for borek, ready made. Only flour salt and water! No margarine and so fun to use!
It comes in single sheets and even if it is a bit thicker than I would like it, it does the work beautifully! If you have a turkish shop or a mid eastern shop in town please go and ask, these are life saver! The ones I use are called flat filo pastry for borek or Sac Yufka.

The sheets come piled in a vacuum package and are folded, so you need just to carefully unfold and cut them in large ribbons.
The only trick is to keep the sheets moist as you work with them. I used our farmhouse oilve oil mixed with cashew milk and sugar, but I bet coconut oil would work very well too. But be careful. They really dry up quickly if not moisted well and they’d brake as you try to fold when dry.

frangipane hand pies made with turkish filo pastry
turkish filo pastry

Working time 30 Min max
Cooking time 25 minutes, with the oven at 180°C.


Fruit filling
6 ripe plums
4 firm pears (meaning not too ripe or they’d produce too much water)
1 Tbsp coconut sugar
1 tsp orange blossom essence
pinch of salt

150 gr almond meal
8 soft large dates
1 Tbsp coconut sugar
3 Tbsp plant milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp orange blossom essence
1/4 tsp cinammon
pinch of salt

For the pastry
1 pack of turkish flat filo pastry (sac yufka) the one used for borek.

Mixture to wet the filo pastry
2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil or melted coconut oil
100 ml plant milk ( I used cashew)
1 tsp coconut sugar

50 gr almond slices


Wash and cut into slices the plums and the pears, cutting the pears tin. Season with the sugar, the orange blossom essence and the pinch of salt and leave to rest.
In a blender make mix the dates with sugar, cinnamon, milk, pinch of salt and essences. Blend until smoot, then incorporate the almond meal.

Turn the oven at 180°C and line a large trail with oven paper, slightly brished with oil.

Open the filo pacage, take a sheet and cover the rest with a slightly damp towel. Cut the pastry into ribbons 10-12 cm wide.

Brush the ribbons with the mixture and keep the ribbon very moist. Brush the ribbon with generous frangipane for the whole lenght leaving 1 cm both sides, if you like the crunch also sprinkle some almond flakes.

At the bottom of the first ribbon place 3 slices of plum and 3 tin slices of pears. Fold the end of the filo to your left, so that have a triangle now. Add other slices over the triangle and fold over, then fold right, up and left and up, until all the pastry is all folded into a triangle shape.

Proceed for the rest of the pastry ribbons until the filling is finished.

Brush your hand pies with oil and sugar. On top of each triangle scoop some frangipane and sprinkle some almond flakes.

Arrange on the trail and cook for 25 minutes circa on a medium/low rack. Serve tepid or cold on the same day.

vegan frangipane hand pies
easy frangipane hand pies  #vegan
easy frangipane hand pies #vegan
easy frangipane hand pies
easy frangipane hand pies #vegan
easy frangipane hand pie #vegan
easy frangipane hand pies
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