One Bowl Carrot Halva Cake and Book Giveway

carrot halva cake
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I have been looking for a super cosy wintery and healthy nourishing cake for you, that could be easy to make and super luscious. And is flour and gluten free!
This Halva cake enclose all the above. So delicious and so full of goodness!
I wish I could say this recipe was the fruit of my creativity, but I actually took inspiration from the beautiful Mira's new cookbook Saffron Soul!
I used her recipe for Carrot Halva and topped the cake with the delicious Mira's Coco Fudges that you can find on the shelves of Selfridges. The finest vegan Fudges that my children devoured.

Now about The book! What I love of this book is that brings to life traditional recipes from Mira Maneck roots, that are achievable, delicious and wholesome. I am that kind of person that likes cookbooks that have a soul and bring to life the authors' culinary heritage in an accessible way, and Mira did it brilliantly. 

This book is special because gives you detailed recipes and tips to get into  a modern Indian cooking with ease, the recipes are healthy and vegan friendly... you can basically whip up a feast with every of her dishes!

This contest is now over, the winners will be notified over the 9th of December.
All you need to do to win one of the copies of Saffron Soul is commenting this post, telling me what Christmas recipes would you like to see on Salvia+Limone over the coming weeks!

Two people will be randomly picked up from the comments.

The contest is open to UK and Italy resident only ( Italians will receive the book in the early days of the new year). So if you comment for the giveaway state that you live in the UK or ITALY please! But I would love to know ideas from you all of course!
Please be aware that the contest is open only until midnight 8th of December 2017. So hurry up! Make yourself a great Christmas present! (After the 8th of December no entries will be taken in consideration but your comments will be always answered!)

Now the recipe please!

For this recipe you'll need:
A bowl, a saucepan, and 3 of 6" spring-form tins. A grater and a fast food processor.

Preparation and assembling time 20 minutes
Cooking time 20 minutes
Freezing time 30 min
To do in advance: cashew soaked overnight or 1 hour in hot water.


Halva Cake
4 large carrots
1 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
1/3 cup rolled oat
100 ml pure almond milk
4 medjool dates
1 spoon date syrup
3/4 tsp ground cardamom
pinch of saffron or turmeric
a pinch of salt
1 Tbsp chopped pistachios
1 Tbsp chopped chopped almonds

Cream and decor
1 cup cashew soaked overnight, or for one hour in hot water
150 gr good quality vegan white chocolate (I use loving earth) divided
1Tbsp xylitol or dusted raw sugar*
few drops vanilla essence
Squeeze of lime

1 bag of Mira's Coco Fudges

Preheat the oven at 180°C

In a powerful food processor blend the sugar of your choice into a powder (like icing sugar). Set aside. Then blend the oats into a flour. Set aside.
In the same food processor blend the cashews with a squeeze of lime, 50 gr of white chocolate, vanilla essence and the powdered sugar you just made, until you have a smooth paste. Set aside in the freezer in a airtight container.

Chop the almonds and the pistachios, and slightly toast them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C

In the meanwhile wash peal and roughly grate the carrots.
In a saucepan gently fry the mejdool dates in the coconut oil, stirring until they start to melt, add the carrots, the cardamom, the saffron (or turmeric), pinch of salt. Stir for 2 minutes.
Stir in the almond milk and cook on a medium flame until evaporated. Turn off the flame

In a bowl make a dough combining the cooked carrots a spoon of date syrup and the oat flour. You will have a gluey dough that can be pressed into the 3 springform  tins previously brushed with some coconut oil.

Put the tins into the freezer for 30 minutes.
Check that the cashew cream is stiff but not frozen and pass it into the fridge. If it is frozen leave it outside away from warmth.

Meanwhile prepare a pipe bag with some of the cashew cream (here I have used very small star pipe). And melt the remaining chocolate in a bain-marie, over low flame: the water should never boil.

Take out the mini cakes from the freezer pull them out the spring-forms and scoop some of the cashew cream on your first halve cake, then on the second and on the third piling them up into a layered cake. Gently scrap the excesses of cashew cream from the edges using a smooth spatula.

When the chocolate has a honey-like consistency pour it over the cake and let it drip nicely. Decorate with a cashew swirl, the chopped almonds and pistachios, and some fudges.

Keep in the fridge. Best with a black chai tea.


carrot halva cake_salvialimone
carrot halva cake
carrot halva cake_salvialimone
carrot halva cake
carrot halva cake
carrot halva cake vegan and refned sugar free