How to photograph for Instagram part 2 & gluten free choco chips cookie S'mores

chocolate chips cookies s'mores  #vegan
chocolate chips cookies s'mores #vegan

Spooky gooey calories here! If you’re easily scared don’t stay!

Halloween is approaching and I promised my children to prepare a proper treat. Possibly with marshmallows and not so healthy.
Please and thank you mum!
Welcome vegan chocolate chips cookies s’mores! Gooey, shamelessy indulgent for children from 3 to 100. Vegan and glutenfree, no joke.

I thought is a good time to talk again about food photography for social media. I have Instagram and Pinterest in my radar.
So here you go. Short, sweet and spot on.
(part 1 is here)

choco chips cookie s'mores #vegan  #glutenfree
gooey chocolate chips cookies #vegan #glutenfree
chocolate chips cookies #vegan #glutenfree

One subject, one focus.

If you are new to food photography, keep it simple. I mean really simple.
Have one single subject in the picture. And focus on that. Ask yourself questions like:

Can people understand what the photo is about? ( I mean, can they focus on the cake or is the handmade priceless golden-coated stand, that you bought using all you piggy money, that is taking ALL the attention?)
Can we imagine how your delicious creation smells or taste?
Does it look yummy? Or is it rather appetizing like your mother-in-law purple dust mop slippers? ( they REALLY do exist!!).
Is it clear what is in the recipe? Can you see the chocolate in the choco chips cookies?

These questios are crucial every time you apprach your cooking and your camera. Every day, even if you are cooking for a mother-in-law that wears horror slippers.

gooey vegan chocolate chips cookies #glutenfree


If your food doesn’t look so good there are 2 reasons.

Reason A. Is actully not so good.

Reason B. You don’t know how to use the light.

If it’s reason A. don’t freak. Remake your dish until you nail it. Overcooked, undercooked food is visibly not tasty. ( actually is better to undercook if you I should choose).

If it’s about reason B. you need to learn how to use the light.

First step is to become really cusious about how photographer use light, look at their pictures carefully.
Where is the light coming from? Where are the shadows going?
You will notice light come from a single source and therefore goes in one direction only, so do the shadows.

And good light for food is soft and deep, and comes from an angle.
On the contrary, light from above tends to be harsh and shallow. making food look rather plasticy.

Try to spot where the light is coming from in my photos, and which one has a soft back light. And answer in the comment section.

chocolate cips cookies s'mores #vegan
chocolate cips cookies s'mores #vegan

Tell me a story

When you make a recipe, cannot be just about food. Social media tends to be… well, social. We communicate with words, with images or with both.
I am good at images.
Ask yourself. What that recipe recalls? feelings, special people, moments… .
How did you make the recipe? If it’s about gooey vegan chocolate chips cookies sandwiches, with inside a squashed burndt giant marshmellow, you might want to include the chopped chocolate, the sugar the sticky marshmallow and all the good stuff. And a sense of richness, mess. Someone should imagine you with sticky hands and chocolate smears on the t-shirt.

Do you get me? If this was a soup won’t be that cool to imagine soupy hands and t-shirt, right? But this is children food. Is playful, messy and liberating.

Confused about & how to communicate? Download my cheat sheet and comment below to recieve help.

chocolate chips cookie s'mores #vegan #glutenfree

Why am I telling you all these? Why I’m not moaning on various algorithm instead? Because the truth, dear friend, is that a job opportunity comes solenly from the quality of your work.
Not numbers.
Of course, you say. Easy to say for ya, you think. But truth is I see things from the inside. And I can tell you. Good job opportunity for photography, comes only if you are good photographer (full stop)

What to wrap your head around algorithm stuff? Go ahead, have fun. But if you are serious about your business, you want it to flourish and gain the right visibility. Roll ya sleeves babe.

And now enjoy a bit of vegan sugar here below.

Lots of Love from your Silvia xx


makes 12-14 cookies of 5-7 cm

Making 15 min
Baking 15 minù


Dry ingredients:
200 gr almond
200 gr self raising gluten free flour
100 gr coconut sugar
1 Tbsp flax seeds (optional)
1/4 spoon salt

Wet ingredients:
150 ml plant milk
100 ml coconut oil or rapseed oil
6 large mejoor dates
1/4 vanilla pod

120 gr dark chocolate.
Vegan marshmallow
Handful chopped hazelnuts to garnish


Preheat the oven at 200°C. And line some baking paper into a large baking tray.
Chop the chocolate roughly.
Mix well the dry ingredients in a bowl.
And in a food processor blend the wet ingredients into a cream.
Add the chocolate bits to the dry ingredients and mix well again, then add the wet ingredients and mix the soft dough until all flour is incorpotarated.
Take some dough with a small ice cream scoop and press down the dough on the baking trail to form cookies of 5-7cm diameter circa. Keep 3 cm distance circa between cookies.
Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Sprinkle with the hazelnut. Store in the fridge in an airthght container.
Before serving roast some vegan marshmallow on a direct flame (yea I use gas flame, no shame- pun intended), until they are melted inside and golden brown outside (some burned edges are nice). Make a sandwich with the cookies and eat immedately.

gooey vegan chocolate chips cookies #glutenfree
Gooey vegan choco chips cookies #glutenfree
s'mores with choco chips cookies #vegan #glutenfree
chocolate chip cookie s'mores #vegan
gooey chocolate chips cookies #vegan #sugarfree
gooey choco chip cookies s'mores #glutenfree #vegan