orange&Squash soup with vegan bacon and thoughts about creativity

orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon

I have been asked how I keep my creativity flowing on Instagram regardless the algorithms, how I get more people liking me or following me.
Let me say that if you work merely for a following your contents die fast.

Personally I work for myself because I need to create. There is no direct search for likes or following. But there is a thrive to have an impact on people, move something in them.

I am a human being I would be dishonest to say that if a photo I love doesn't do well on Instagram I am immune to it. Hey, they started this whole thing based on our need for recognition right? It works on everyone. But the reality is I do not post for likes in the first place, I shoot and post because I need to, I love my work and I need to put it out in the world. If my point was to keep everyone engaged and be likeable to everyone I would lose my interest in what I am doing, it would be difficult to be consistent and I would be boringly plain to fit in everyone pocket, in fact it would mean I had to purposefully play little to be likeable (anyone sees the link to what is usually asked to be to a good woman? Plain, not strong features, bla-bla).

I am not the troublemaker but I am far too opinionated to be that kind of good girl that everyone likes. All I want is my work to move something in people. And I want to create. I am my happiest self when I am creating. And I take full responsibility for my process. I don't give away that responsibility to an audience. That is what I think make the difference.
So if you ask how I cope, I own my creative process, but I do not own the people impressions on it and I do not own the platform I am putting my work on, so I do not get attached to those things I cannot control.

Real success is trying my best, always do the best possible. And the moment you digest this bit of information is the moment you set yourself free and so start to move forward more dynamically in your creativity journey, because if you compromise yourself being a bit of this or a bit of that, not too much yourself, you might please someone else expectations but you betray yourself and ultimately your sense of belonging. Which is for sure one of those things that if you compromise will soon fuck you up. Is seems over-told but what sets you apart are your most weird habits, your story, your unique taste for life. I recently read the caption of a great stylist, absolutely genius woman that was sharing about her difficult health journey and that was warned by his father something like this:if you talk sad or heavy people might don't like you any more.

All that came to my mind was: SHIT this is so wrong! To know a great stylist stands to take photos even if she would rather moan in bed? That sets her apart. Not just a genius photographer, but also a strong bold woman.

If you don't stand from the place of strength you own, if you do not stand from your heart A. you will soon lose interest in what you are doing B. you fuck up with your core values and your self as you dehumanize your experience and C. you, therefore, step away from what is interesting about you, away your authentic and unique voice which is a terrible business idea BUT also means you don't contribute to this word with a valuable conversation. Soon the feeling: why on the earth to lose my nights writing this? As I/we do not make an impact on ourselves and on others. (back to A point).

And you know why I am writing this? Because I did it, so 100% sure it doesn't work. Fully tested inutility.

Hey, no need to beat yourself up if are in this pickle, soon or later, we all get into the please attitude phase, saying yes to all that comes no filters, or box ourselves under tags that we do not belong to (but we believe they work better than our real self would work). Growth is experimenting in the fields and making mistakes.

But the truth is that is an attitude unsustainable to hold for long.


All I am writing is my opinion, based on my imperfect chaotic experience of somebody that is a turtle in learning and made ALL mistakes possible, like a laundry list of them.

May this help you to avoid sinking in some, but I do not wish you to avoid all mistakes. They are the one certain tool for real learning.
Also, this nice warming soup might help too.


Ingredients for the soup

1 small pumpkin (or squash) diced and cored (500gr circa)
1 tsp coconut oil
2tsp unrefined sea salt (local salt plz, don't make salt fly miles)
1Tbsp coconut oil

50 gr red lentils
pinch of unrefined sea salt (or more to taste)
½ can coconut milk
3 cups water or vegetable broth

50 ml tamari (gluten-free) or soya sauce
¼ tsp cumin seeds
¼ tsp fennel seeds
a small pinch of fenugreek seeds

zest of one organic  orange and some juice to taste


For the vegan bacon

1 purple potatoes sliced thin with a potato peeler (you can use a regular sweet potato)
4-6 chestnut mushrooms sliced


4 Tbsp tamari (gluten-free) or soya sauce
4 Tbsp extra virgin sesame oil or extra virgin olive oil
1tsp + (up to your taste) of smoked paprika
pinch of salt


Turn the oven at 200°C.

Lay the potatoes slices and the mushroom slices in an oven pan, use baking paper as it will stain. Dr

Mix the condiments in a little bowl and pour on top. Place on the top rack and bake for 10-15 minutes circa ( you can grill for a couple of minutes too).

In a medium trail place the diced pumpkin or squash massage with 1 tsp coconut oil and the salt.

Place in the oven in the medium/low rack for 30 min.

In a medium pot briefly fry the red lentils and the seeds in the oil with the salt. Then add the water and all the other ingredients except the orange zest and juice. Bring to boil.

Leave covered to simmer and add the baked pumpkin when is ready. Cook for 10-15 minutes and then blend.

Serve with some coconut cream and the bacon grated orange zest and a squeeze of orange juice too, (also toasted seeds or nut are delicious here).

This very rich soup saved me many times in the busy day of tandem breastfeeding. Also, you can use baking leftovers or if you bake more pumpkin (and other roots of you like), you will have a separate dish ready for the day after. Saving time is all, around here!

orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
orange and squash soup with vegan bacon
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