Tulsi Summer Elixir | Adaptogen cocktail with MamaFlower

Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _ salvialimone
Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _ salvialimone
Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _salvialimone
Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _ salvialimone
Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _ salvialimone

I first came across Adaptogenic a while ago, I didn't pay much attention to them but the name stayed with me until recent, when I “met” MamaFlower and I thought on making together this magical potion. Magical is the closer word to my sensation when I drink this refreshing medicinal cocktail.

From my point of view holistic nutrition or remedies should be elements that work in harmony with our bodies to promote our potential and health. And I have found the word adaptogen so genial as they literally work adapting and stabilizing the body within its own potential.

For my first guest post we created a summer drink that is not only delicious but also medicinal. Uncomplicated and realistic. I am very much enjoying its gentle grounding power. I couldn't ask for more.

*for my children I blended the ice cubes in a Vitamix to make a granita, omitting the rose water.

Tulsi Elixir | Adaptogenic _ salvialimone

Text from MamaFlower at http://www.mamaflowers.co

Are you tired and rundown? Let adaptogens restore your energy. Feel like your
brain is foggy? Let adaptogens restore your memory. Adaptogens are extremely
supportive and have a gentle way to address all of the above symptoms and
more. They help our bodies “adapt” to physical, emotional, biological, and
environmental stressors. There are many different adaptogens including but not
limited to Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Shatavari, and Holy Basil. They are all
deeply balancing in different ways and depending on your constitution and your
circumstances, one adaptogen may be more appropriate for you than another.
Adaptogens restore balance to the endocrine hormones, regulate the immune
system, and overall help the body return to homeostasis by raising non specific
resistance towards such stress allowing our bodies to “adapt” to the stressors
around and within us. The knowledge of adaptogens dates back thousands of
years but scientific research did not begin until the mid 1900s. These plants are
non-toxic and as I said have a normalizing influence on the body meaning they
are capable of toning down the activity of those with hyperfunctioning systems or
stimulating those with hypofunctioning systems. This is a unique gift from these
plants and some say adaptogens have “intelligence”. As an herbalist, in my
practice, I use adaptogens to help “re-regulate a clients immune and
neuroendocrine system to allow them to heal, feel alive again, and prevent stress
induced disease."
I personally have been using adaptogens for years to help restore my energy and
they have been an ally to me. I find that I respond to adaptogens not only by their
specific indication but also to the season. What is beneficial to me in the
fall/winter doesn’t support me in the spring/summer months. Vice versa. This
Tulsi Summer Elixir I created has been such a support to me this summer as my
life is going through major changes like moving and getting ready to birth our
third child.


Aka Holy Basil, is a mild adaptogen in cases of fatigue and the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) axis deficiency. It stimulates cerebral circulation and therefore is beneficial for those with foggy brains and poor memory. It enhances immune function, has antiviral properties, and is an immune amphoteric. It is beneficial in cases of allergic asthma and allergies, helping to regulate blood sugar levels, useful in gas and nausea. Regular use of Tulsi helps lower LDL/VLDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Another bonus to this amazing plant is that it can act as a galactagogue, stimulating breast milk production in nursing mamas. When nursing moms drink it as a tea, it can also help ease colic in babies. I have also been drinking Tulsi tea for headaches during this pregnancy.

Lemon Balm

it is a mood elevator, helps reduce anxiety, and soothes the nerves. It is beneficial in times of stress or when your brain is foggy from overload. It may be taken by nursing mamas to reduce colic in their babies. It is a good choice for little ones having temper tantrums (or adults for that matter). Lemon Balm supports digestion by reducing gas, burping, nausea, and reduces excess stomach acid.

Linden Flower

Beneficial in cases of mild depression, anxiety, and irritability. It basically calms the nerves and spirit. Linden is useful in reducing stress headaches, sleeping difficulty, and mild hypertension. It's a sweet and pleasant tasting flower. One of my favorites in tea. :)


It supports mild hypertension, elevated blood sugar, and cholesterol. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. It helps regulate the immune system and reduces histamine production, which makes it a nice choice to use as a preventative or to reduce allergies.


They are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. They are helpful in musculoskeletal discomfort such as lower back pain, osteoarthritis, and, rheumatoid arthritis. The seeds in the hips are a good source of vitamin E.

The herbs in this recipe can be used as we do here in ice cube form.

Tulsi Summer Elixir

  • Ice Cubes Elixir

4 tsp Holy basil
3 tsp Lemon Balm
2 tsp Linden flower
1 tsp Hibiscus
1/2 tsp Rosehips
Short pour of rice malt

1. Mix herbs into a blend
2. Add 2 tsp of herb to a tea ball
3. Steep cup of tea in boiling water for 20 minutes. Then strain.
4. Add maple syrup
5. Pour into ice cube trays

  • Mocktail

1/2 cup strawberry puree or chopped strawberries
1 Organic lemon

Optional: A splash to taste of Rose Water (careful, a little goes a long way)

1. Mix all ingredients together in a jar
2. Pour into cups and add your herbal ice cubes



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